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Shopping, Antiques & Speciality Retail

From our unique specialty stores to our wonderful history in antiques, the Greater Romeo-Washington Chamber of Commerce works to promote the retailers within our community. Buying local, at the most basic level, allows more money to stay in the community.

“I choose the places I go to carefully and wisely. I'll rarely go to a shopping mall anymore.” - Fran Dreshcer

Many different organizations strive to preserve the heritage in this community. The Romeo Historical Society was founded in 1961 and is dedicated to the preservation, education, and history of the Village of Romeo. The Washington Historical Society was founded in 1975 and works to collect and catalog historic photos, renovate the museum interior and exterior, and expand genealogy of the museum. The Ray Historical Society will strive to discover, communicate, preserve and disseminate the goals and principles of historic preservation. The Armada Area Historical Society meets monthly on the first Wednesday at the Armada Free Public Library.

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Sending an appreciative "Thank You" and "Complements Galore"!!

Congratulations to YOU for hosting,
organizing and setting up a First - Class evening!
"A Night Under the Stars provided a wonderful venue
to showcase our local entrepreneur's and enjoy art, food,
music and entertainment all within strolling distance!
I'm so glad "Mother Nature" blessed us with nice weather.

It was my privilege to participate in this annual event and 
a treasure chest of opportunities for me.

Sandy LaBaere
Silk and Watercolor Artist